the cherry tree: build a community where you are.

In the summer the cherry tree in the backyard explodes. Bundles of cherries, dripping sweet juice, surrounded by bees. In the summer the cherries drip from the tree like rubies. I’ll give you some, or I’ll make you a pie.

Community is sharing the summer cherries.

Without community there is no borrow culture, no skill sharing. Without the net of community that carries me there isn’t any “me” at all.

The first bicycle I rode across the country with all my stuff attached was gifted to me by my beloved bicycle cooperative community in Tallahassee.

Without community there is no co-op bike.

It’s honoring this gift that spurs me to build a community around me (here and everywhere). This could be difficult to define as art, if it really mattered to me what people think is art or not.

(Take what you need but give what you can)

Occasionally the action of community building is as simple as carrying twenty rolled joints with little fruits on the paper in an old mint tin, if only to distribute to any friend in need, and that’s fine too.

If I have it (skills, materials, knowledge), I can share it with you.

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