Highway 41 comes out of Miami and heads West across the peninsula of the bottom portion of Florida. A road lovingly referred to is alligator alley; 15 of them gathered on sun banks surrounded by the most beautiful and complicated birds.

With ditches on either side of deep murky black water teaming in marsh foliage tickling your calves. Sun beating down on shoulders, humidity thick, all encompassing. Mosquitoes that can sting while moving – too quick to pass. It’s from seeing things slowly and feeling them as part of my own body through the connection of myself to bicycle to road to the world around me, that influences the way I feel about the world and the care, no, the delicate compassion I hope to give.

To mediate intimacy through a radical honesty, becoming better not bitter. My work is the taking of this and the giving of that to come to grips with who I am in conjunction with road/alligator/mosquito/sunshine.

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