A word on form breaking in arts writing.

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The playing card is the ubiquitous community builder.

Requiring nothing but time, and one another, the card is the stand-in for internet browsing when power is limited. The card is a way to have a hard conversation, a mediated exchange between person, symbols, and the relationship between the three (card, relationship, each other)

The playing card is a long-documented medium for accessibility. (Gutierrez, 2014). Small and lightweight, they are easily carried (read: bike tour). They are independent of modernity and its many woes. They are free to be used in a quiet formal setting the same as a loud porch on Summit Street (that’s where my momma’s house is). The playing card is of the unique power to engage and facilitate a mutual understanding that exists in the liminal space of the card playing table (or ground, or bar counter).

A playing card is a tool for divinity (Skinner, 2022). By applying cartomancy to the everyday card game I extrapolate a way forward through symbols. With a personalized deck of cards holding the highlights of a life and practice – I maneuver those divinations to find clarity, not just for myself but for you (read: I made this for you).